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Online Watercolor Courses (New!)

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Hey there! I am excited to announce my new online watercolor courses are now available. With 7+ hours of teaching currently and continually will grow with more and more videos added monthly. The online watercolor class page tells more about what's up currently. And there is info below too. Hope you will join me in this exciting journey of learning watercolor! 

Dylan's Online Watercolor Courses:

Dylan's method of teaching is a step by step layering process that incorporates demonstrations of one small section of the painting at a time, usually in a realistic, representational style.

Online Watercolor Basics Course: 

These courses are focused on the fundamental techniques of watercolor and look close at how water and color work in relationship together. Dylan will thoroughly demonstrate his use of watercolors fundamental techniques with step by step demos. We keep the subject matter very simple for those who are new to watercolor, usually fruits and vegetables. 

Techniques you will learn in this course are shown to the right under "What We Will Learn About Watercolor."

Online Watercolor Intermediate Course:

These courses usually focus more on making decisions to convey a mood or message in watercolor. We still talk a little about technique but not as much as the basic class. Usually we use a gesture drawing to guide the process and talk about how color will effect the mood / message. We will use more complex subjects and compositions such as a portraits, figures, animals.

There are currently more than 7 hours of video teaching with more added monthly.

To check out the current courses available see the Online Watercolor Class page.

It is my pleasure to share the joy of watercolor with you and hope you will experience the same enjoyment and satisfaction on this learning journey of creating beautiful watercolors


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