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Quitting Painting

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Does anyone else ever lose the desire to paint? At one time I did and I quit painting.

Every artist faces a struggle at some point. If you have, you know the challenge...and you can "join the club."

But I want to share how life changing a good mentor & teacher can be!

Art was an innate love for me as a kid. It was a passion which only grew with time. But around 15 years old I became terribly sick. The pressure and pain of the difficult season of life, caused me to shut down. The isolation caused me to lose hope.


But a few years later HOPE WAS REVIVED! God brought me to a man who would become a friend and art teacher. And more than that, an encourager who believed in me.

Everyone needs someone who sees the best in them, someone who sees the potential and pulls it out of you.

"For the Joy"

The light she beholds gives her Strength for the day, for the Joy set before her, she presses on.

Oil 16x20" $3,000

That man was Chris DiDomizio.

What he taught me about art, and his understanding of my what I was dealing with inside. His heart to help those in need. And the words of life he so faithfully spoke to me transformed my life!

As artists, we often ISOLATE.

But what a difference it makes when we connect with a community of other creatives who understand and encourage each other.

To find a good teacher who cares, inspires and equips you to grow and fulfill your hopes and desires. To live your purpose.

If you have that, good! But if you need that, I hope you will not waste anymore time, take the steps for yourself, build the relationships that will lift you up to the place of joy, inspiration, confidence and new creativity will flow out of that.

I only hope to give back at least some of what Chris gave to me.

Hopefully this encourages you to make whatever decision you need to for your life and your art.

What have you found to help encourage and inspire you in your creativity?

P.S. this year I want to make my online classes a better experience and create more connection and engagement with fellow students and me.

Thank you for reading!

Winchester & Dylan, wishing you Love, Joy and Shalom


Patricia Sheldon
Patricia Sheldon

You are an awesome painter and my daughter has had the privilege to paint with you. She also takes classes from Chris and she couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

Dylan Pierce
Dylan Pierce

Thank you for reading and sharing! And for the kind words! I'm so glad she is learning from Chris! That's wonderful!

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