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"I want to first thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your God given talent online. I have grown and learned so much from watching your courses. You have such a wonderful teaching gift and style that is so easy to follow and each time I watch your instructions over I learn something new I did not learn the first time."


I just want to tell you how very much I enjoyed your workshop! You did a great job in teaching, you were so helpful, patient, and kind. I learned a lot, and would certainly recommend your workshop to others! I have been enjoying reading your beautiful book! "


“I have tried to paint with watercolors since high school, even after a semester of watercolor painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art, I have found it frustrating. Painting with Dylan was a revelation. My skills took a leap and bound during the 2 day workshop.“  

- C. Williams

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos. They were so informative and I especially enjoyed the classroom setting. I just love your style of teaching and you give so much to your students. Your use of the same palette throughout the videos was just perfect. I have a much better understanding of colour now. I love your use of a limited palette."


"You are my favorite watercolorist of all time!! I diligently watch your videos, trying to learn. I wish you would give a seminar in California which is where I live.
Thank you for doing your online teaching--it's fantastic."


"I have been learning watercolor for many years, first starting with library books, and then using the internet and purchasing a few videos.  I have learned more unique and valuable things from Dylan’s classes than from anything else I’ve used.  Sometime I’ll try to write specifically about what I’ve learned and appreciate."


"I like how you teach - I think I will grasp the watercolor techniques without too much problem because you take the time to explain each step of the process and why it is necessary. What a gift you have. You are methodical and so am I! Everything you teach about complementary colors, soft edges, plus many more important artistic methods or rules makes sense."


"I have to say, Dylan, that the four days at your workshop were undoubtedly the most productive and fulfilling that I have ever spent, thanks to your careful, thorough and understandable way of sharing your thinking, skill and knowledge. Thank you, thank you! "


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