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Dylan Pierce’s mastery and sensitive perspective are instantly captivating when first encountering his artwork. From the exquisite application of paint to the emotive compositions, Pierce creates a body of work that is not only technically astounding, but also exceptionally communicative. Pierce fully succeeds in bringing the moving, personal experience he had in Africa to his viewers and making us feel as if we experienced all the wonders with him.

MADELINE BECK, curator, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

Songwe Boys


Okavango Harmony

Watercolor, 30x40 inches Abiding in love, with unity of heart, it is good and pleasant. With mutual fondness and warmth, depending on each other, we live in a sanctuary of safety and rest.

Window of My World

Watercolor, 20x21 inches This boy just captured the essence of the playfulness, freedom, joy and wonder of being a child. The life in Swaziland, Africa can have it's challenges but this boy seems to be free of worry. May we keep that sense of childlike joy and wonder!

Zambezi Sanctuary

Watercolor on Twinrocker Handmade paper. In the life giving waters of Okavango, a mother leads her young in a sanctuary of love and covering of peace.


Original Watercolor, 23x31 inches “Do not forget or neglect or refuse to extend hospitality to strangers [in the brotherhood—being friendly, cordial, and gracious, sharing the comforts of your home and doing your part generously], for through it some have entertained angels without knowing it.” ~ Hebrews 13:2


Watercolor, 19x27" He receives a crown of beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness.

Good Inheritance

Watercolor, 27x31 "In this desirable land my soul is satisfied, a good heritage. Here in God's Presence we have a place of rest, freedom from fears and agitations. How I wish to establish my children in this desirable land." Swaziland, Africa

Anticipation of Good

Watercolor, 23x31 As she tends to her garden she cultivates joy and a hopeful anticipation of good, the hope of receiving what she loves and desires.

Zululand Zebras

Watercolor 12x20" Upholding each other's head, and watching each other's back, we have a bond of mutual affection and trust. In this fitting companionship our spirit's are sustained.

The Long Stretch

Watercolor, 30x40 Elephants are typically thought of as strong and forceful, for good reason, but they also can be very gentle. Some of their behavior patterns reveal in them an emotional sensitivity and tenderness. This painting symbolizes a moment of reaching out and receiving nourishment for the spirit and soul, strengthening one with joy, and being blessed by beauty and grace. Mhkaya Reserve, Swaziland, Africa.

Resting in Love

Oil, 16x20 A mother's love, like the big sky, a vast expanse without end. In her delight her children rest, in complete trust and vulnerability, confidently secured in her unchanging love over them.

Feed My Lambs

Watercolor, 18x30 Dylan's first African Portrait. This young girl is has much hardship in her life in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. With one hand more open, she tells me that no matter what our life circumstances are, we have something to give to be a blessing and we can have the grace to receive.

Life Spring

Life Spring Watercolor on Twinrocker Handmade Paper 8x22" The sun's radiance, energy abounding. A storehouse of strength, faithfully supplied. This light of life, with water and earth mixed, grows wonders unending, the forever life-spring.

Crowned in Light (study)

Watercolor, 10x14 inches,

Will I?

Permanent Collection of Marietta Cobb Museum of Art Watercolor and Casein, 20x30 He's withdrawn from the life around him with a sense of abandonment and fear. Does he fear losing his parents to HIV/AIDS, or has he already? It can be an emotional struggle, and for some orphaned, a fight for survival.

Token Of Honor

Watercolor, 29x36, Ingeliso from Swaziland, Africa is carrying a hen for us to take home for dinner. We were honored to be graciously welcomed into their homestead.


Oil, 16x22, The lady is tired, the heat of these days may not be easy and so she says to herself with resolve in her eyes, "if you don't quit, you win.

Passively Waiting

Watercolor, 30x32, She is waiting by the roadside in the hot Haitian sun, waiting for a sale. For her two dollars a day.

Haitian Girl

Watercolor, 11x14, A fleeting moment Colors pure, vibrant and light The babe so small A gentle flame, wonder bright

New Hope

Watercolor, 30x21, This was one of my first watercolor portraits from several years ago. It brings back good memories of being in Chris DiDomizio's art class, and knowing him as a friend, role model and teacher. This painting is from one of Chris' photos from Haiti, where he'd visited nearly a dozen times. Most of the class was painting and drawing his Haiti photos which lead up to a show/fundraiser with around one hundred works of art.


Watercolor, 19x26, Africa, though rustic and rough, in this simplicity true joy can be found. The truly meaningful things in life are embraced, relationships. Ubuntu- "I am because you are." Livingstone, Zambia

For the Joy

Oil, 16x20 The light ahead which she beholds gives her strength for the day, for the joy set before her she presses on.

For the Joy

Watercolor, 15x22 inches

Crowned in Light

Watercolor, 11x14

Crowned in Light

Watercolor, 20x31, In this painting the lion sits high above all (as cats love to do) with a sense of majesty and honor, conveying royalty and authority, strong like the rock he rests upon.


Graphite, 4x12, The sun's radiance, energy abounding. A storehouse of strength, faithfully supplied. This light of life, with water and earth mixed, grows wonders unending, the forever life-spring.

Moremi Pools

Oil on linen, 12x16

Bathed in Light

Watercolor, 30x40 inches

Mliwane Repose

Watercolor on Twinrocker Handmade Paper

Unkown Journey

Oil, 28x38 inches The little one faces much unknown in her life ahead. One thing she does know is she has a safe place in the love of her grandmother, a secure place to call home. Though her old mother's strength may fail, her love will not. The girl holds on...

Vital Renewal

Watercolor, 30x40 inches

Vital Renewal

Vital Renewal - Oil

Flight of Faith

Watercolor, 15x22 inches

Portrait of Sarah

Watercolor, 22x30 inches

Portrait of Skye

Watercolor, 22x30 inches

Portrait of Dana

Watercolor, 22x30 inches

Mere words cannot describe the magnificent talent of Dylan Pierce. Whether it is the plaitive look of a young child in Africa or a lion haughtily gazing down on you from rocks above, his paintings don’t just speak to you, they touch your soul. Great art does that. Dylan Pierce does that.

DICK YARBROUGH, syndicated newspaper columnist and artist

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