Online Watercolor Classes

Watercolor Class Description:

Dylan's method of teaching is a step by step layering process that incorporates demonstrations designed for you to paint along with. Most paintings are done in a realistic, representational style.

The cost to access videos ($18.00) includes all videos, Basic and Intermediate.

Basic Videos

Focusing on the fundamental techniques of watercolor and looking close at how water and color work in relationship together. Dylan will thoroughly demonstrate his use of watercolor fundamental techniques with step by step demos. We keep the subject matter very simple for those who are new to watercolor, usually fruits and vegetables.

Intermediate Videos

These courses focus more on making decisions to convey a mood or message in watercolor. We still talk about technique but not as much as the basic class. Usually we use a gesture drawing to guide the process and talk about how color will effect the mood / message. 

We will use more complex subjects and compositions.

What You Will Learn About Watercolor
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Gradual Washes:

How to make a smooth transition from light to dark. Making Gradual washes in different lengths (shorter or longer) depending on how wet the paper is.

Basic level

Has no experience with watercolor or has a little familiarity with watercolor.


Intermediate leve

Fairly comfortable working with watercolor, has some basic understanding of design including composition, value, and color.


Advanced level

Excellent drawing skills and confident with watercolor.

COST: $18.00 per month for unlimited access to all videos (Includes Basics and Intermediate). 

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If you are attending classes please  feel free to watch the exercise videos and print out the .pdf files below.

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