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Africa - A Legacy of Hope

Spending the last several years painting the people of southern Africa has caused me to grow even more fond of them and feel more of a personal connection with them. I want to share some thoughts about the people and the inspiration behind this collection of paintings titled Legacy of Hope

My solo exhibition of these paintings will be held at ArtCenter Manatee in Bradenton, FL  

December 6th - January 20th.

Africa is a land full of enchanting beauty, it's rich beauty never ceases to inspire a sense of wonder. Sadly though, for many people who are born in Africa, much of what they've known is a continual struggle. Life, for many Africans, comes down to survival.

With resolve in her eyes she faces the toil in the heat of the day.

An AIDS orphan silently looks on, what kind of emotional battle is he up against, not to mention survival?

Despite these difficulties, the people often have a joy that surprises me. Their resilience inspires me, their resourcefulness amazes me, the colorful humor of the people amuses me and the love and respect they hold for community teaches me. As I see them face their journeys with these attributes, which inspires hope, I feel a sense of connection with them in my own journey.

A Good Inheritance, Her inheritance may not be good physically, but she is rich in a spiritual heritage. In this desirable land her soul is satisfied and she greatly desires to give this inheritance to her children.

There is much that is good and beautiful in life, but when we find ourselves in a place of difficulty and doubt, hurt and disappointment, we need to hold on to hope, to keep our eyes on what is good, to value community, and to hold close to a spirituality that transcends whatever situation we may be facing. In this, I believe, the African people seem to triumph. 

For the joy set before her, she presses on. A journey of hope.

Smiles for sweeties!


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