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Hardcover, 86 pages, 9x9 inches

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Legacy of Hope - Paintings and Drawings by Dylan Scott Pierce, presents the paintings which were born out of Dylan's time in Africa with With over 50 full color images. The wilds of Africa can enchant you with it’s beauty but Dylan discovered an unexpected beauty, which was in the soul of the African people, it was the surprising beginning of a whole new path. 

Dylan’s paintings have been featured in International Artist, Watercolor, Wildlife Art, L’Art de Aquarelle, and numerous other publications.


"Dylan Pierce’s mastery and sensitive perspective are instantly captivating when first encountering his artwork. From the exquisite application of paint to the emotive compositions, Pierce creates a body of work that is not only technically astounding, but also exceptionally communicative. Pierce fully succeeds in bringing the moving, personal experience he had in Africa to his viewers and making us feel as if we experienced all the wonders with him."

Madeline Beck: curator, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

Legacy of Hope - Paintings and Drawings by Dylan Scott Pierce

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